Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Black Dress...

With my cousins wedding a week away...I haven't taken the initiative to go shopping
until last night...spent the sunny part of the evening indoors at Mall of hoo me.
I know I have some dresses...BUT i wanted to get another...or two.

I get to thinking...should I do the simple black dress? NAWWW the many others definately will...

I could wear something as crazy flashy like this...but then again, it'd still just be another black dress.

I could wear something kinda cute like this, with all the frilly stuffs...but then again, it'd still just be another black dress.

So this is my version of the little black dress... it isnt black at all...but copper browns with some bit of leopard black print. i love being out there. standing out. to a certain degree.

i could go along with something so simple elegant like a white dress with black polkas on this long dior...but couldnt find anything so classy and nicely form fitting like this.

so my last resort...nordstrom rack...because i'm a balla on a budget...
i chose my new favorite color of the season...fushia...magenta... elie tahari dress...almost form fitting...not like this in the photo, but nice enough.

i have to find some accessories and a belt.

i found these totally cute coach heels with metal for the nice thin heels but sorry didnt take a photo of them. i usually hate coach, because every girl with some money thinks that coach is classy... coach is not class. but these dang coach heels are THE only thing coach i would definitely wear.

its too bad that weddings these days...the biggest day of the bride n grooms life...we as guests take so little time and pride to share it with them...many of us are about, the excuse to get dressed up and go to their wedding, as if it were an obligation..., and then stay only until the dinner hour is over, then go off into the club scene...

i know that my cousins wife is so excited for her wedding, its all she been planning for all year long, fussing and fighting with the vendors of food, linen, photography, flowers, and i'm sure the many others. im totally excited for her too, but its so real to see what i see over and over at other matter how many friends you have, you dont have many that stay to spend the entire night with you...

i realize that now...that i'm a much older part of my relationship now, im not sure that i would want to spend $20k or more on just a wedding for just any guest list...i know it means alot to them, and they're so excited, for their special day...but if they only know now, what i know...but everyone has their turn of life cycle...i know that when i spend that amount or more on  my 20th mark of a marriage anniversary...i want it to be extra special for the extra close friends and family...maybe gonna fly my immediate family to that secluded island and have the best day/week ever with them...i can't decide and i can't wait to see what comes of my 20 year anniversary planning...three years in advance! i better make it the best years ever!

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